Aqua Marina

You need Outdoor activities ? We have the solution ! A complete range of inflatable toys ! Aqua Marina Brand offers you a complete rage of Inflatable toys as Paddle Boards, Cayaks and Zodiaks. For all your family, this is the perfect board for you. You always dreamded to try it, It is your chance without empty your pocket ! Here is the perfect match !

The SUP is an original activity to discover the surrounding on different lakes and rivers and pounds. The SUP is easy to learn and accessible to everyone. Perfect for all family fun ! Do you know the some SUP are inflatable ? Ideal for any trip since it can be put in your trunk, it is lighter and takes less room than hard ones ! Only to deflate !

The right SUP choice is based on your needs. Rivers, Fishing, Tourism, or Yoga, there is always to fill the need. All is possible with Aqua Marina !

In this Catalog :

  • Stand up paddle board
  • Stand up paddle surf
  • Oars (Carbon Fiber, Aluminium)
  • Inflatable Stand up Paddle
  • Accessoiries
  • Fins
  • Floating devices
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